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How to call to Zimbabwe

How to call to Zimbabwe

To call Zimbabwe from the USA/Canada: dial 011 + 263 + phone number

Area codes of Zimbabwe

Add to landline numbers only!
Beitbridge 286 Gweru 54 Masvingo 39
Bindura 271 Gwanda 284 Mutare 20/220
Bulawayo 9 Harare 4 Norton 62
Chegutu 53 Hwange 281 Raffingora 667
Chinhoyi 67 Kadoma 68 Rusape 25/225
Chipinge 227 Kariba 61 Ruwa 273
Chiredzi 31 Kwekwe 55 Victoria Falls 13
Chitungwiza 270 Marondera 279 Zvishavane 51

Dialing procedure

Country Code (CC)

Country Code (CC) is a digit or a combination of digits (one, two or three) identifying a specific country or countries.

Dialling Plan

A string or combination of decimal digits, symbols, that defines the method by which the numbering plan is used. A dialling plan includes the use of prefixes, suffixes, and additional information, supplementary to the numbering plan, required to complete the call.

Geographic Area Code or Area Code (AC)

This refers to an area code that has a defined geographic boundary. Geographic area codes are for conventional fixed-line (or land line) services terminating at fixed points.

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is divided into several geographic areas. Each of the geographic area is allocated an area code.

International Access Prefix (IAP)

A digit or combination of digits used to indicate that the number following is an international directory number. In Zimbabwe the International Dialling Access Prefix is ‘00’.

National Access Prefix (NAP) or Trunk Prefix

A digit or combination of digits used by a calling subscriber to make a call to another subscriber in his own country, but outside his own numbering area or network. It provides access to the automatic outgoing trunk equipment.

In Zimbabwe, the digit zero (‘0’) is used as the National Access Prefix, indicating a call to another Geographic Area (fixed network) or a call from fixed to mobile network, mobile to mobile and any other network to VoIP network.

National Destination Code (NDC)

The NDC is a combination of digits identifying a different specific geographical area within a country or a different network or service group (Mobile or VoIP services).

Subscriber Number (SN)

The portion of the international E.164-number that identifies the subscriber in a network or numbering area is called the Subscriber Number (SN).

X – The notation used in this plan to represent any digit from 0 to 9

Numbering technology

The international E.164-number for geographic areas is composed of a variable number of decimal digits arranged in specific code fields. The international E.164-number code fields are the Country Code (CC) and the National Significant Number (NSN). National Significant Number (NSN) is the combination of the NDC and the SN.

Country Code(CC)

National Destination Code (NDC) or Area Code (AC)

Subscriber Number (SN)

1-3 Digits(n)

National (Significant) Number N(S)N Maximum (15-n) Digits

International E.164 Number for Geographic Areas Maximum 15 Digits

Local Dialling (PSTN)

A subscriber in the same geographic area dials the Subscriber Number (SN) only.

Dialled digits for local PSTN call


National Dialling

A subscriber dialling a number in a geographical area that is outside own geographic area dials National Access Prefix, Area Code plus the subscriber number. A call from fixed to mobile, mobile to mobile or from any network to VoIP network within Zimbabwe is considered national.

Dialled digits for National Call (PSTN)


Other Networks (MOBILE/VoIP)


International Dialling

A subscriber dialling an international number dials the International Access Prefix, country Code, Area Code/Network Destination Code plus the subscriber number.

The plus sign (+) can be used to indicate an international access prefix. (e.g. +263 for Zimbabwe).

Dialled digits (PSTN)

IAP + CC + AC + SN

Other Networks (MOBILE/VoIP)


Exchange rates